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Sakib Profile



Sakib grew up in the streets of Old Delhi. Attempts to school him failed. He realized early on that street life and community educated him better than the classroom and textbook. After spending a few years making sandwiches at the airport, he chose to forge his own path. He began by learning slow food cooking and urban farming. His other talents include clowning, upcycling and drumming. ​

He acts in plays in Mandi House and clowns in hospitals to make the sick smile. He's an upcycling master who weaves magic with all kinds of rubbish.


Tribal rhythms pulsate through his drumming and have

made him the beating heart of many alternative learning convergences.

He makes natural buildings, soaps, detergents, jewellery, colours and detergents.


University of Streets

Sakib founded ‘University of the Street’, in 2018 where he designs learning journeys and adventures for other street kids like himself.

He also works for Edible Routes, making kitchen gardens, conducting workshops, and doing natural construction. When not travelling, he finds himself in Delhi. 

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Music for Shamanic Heart


  • Drumming circles

  • Tribal Music

  • Music Call-and-Response Activities

Food for the Joyous Soul Series

  • Slow food cooking

  • Millet cooking


Kitchen Gardening Series

  • Edible Gardening for Beginners

  • Composting for Dummies

  • Soil-building for the Regenerative Garden

  • Introduction to Permaculture

  • Gardening for Big Harvests in Small Spaces

  • Integrated Pest Management Techniques

Upcycling Series

  • Using newspaper: wallet; wall clock; pens; basket; coaster

  • Tetra Pak Dairy

  • Bottle and Paper Lamp Making

  • Tyre-tube wallet; diaries; jewelry; pencil box

  • Plastic bottle geometry box

  • Bottle lamp

  • Upcycled musical instruments


Back to Nature Series

  • Natural Soaps

  • Bio-enzyme Floor Cleaner

  • Natural Dishwashing Liquid

  • Natural Mosquito Repellent

  • Natural costume making

  • Natural building

  • Natural color 

  • Coconut Shell and Seed Jewelry making

  • Seed Raakhi making

Theatrical Journeys Series

  • Clowning

  • Stand-up Comedy

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